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Too many resultts

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If you got too many results (more than 100)

In a database
  • Scan the first 20 or so items. How many are relevant to your project?
  • If more than half of these are relevant:
    • add a term to your search statement from the next most important secondary concept category.
    • look at the subject headings (descriptors, identifiers) on the most relevant item retrieved so far. Use the most relevant terms you find in a new search statement.
  • If only a few are relevant:
    • use an alternative term from your primary concept category
    • look at your thesis statement and concept table - is your topic accurately described?
In a print access tool
  • Scan the subdivision headings for relevant aspects of the broad subject.
  • Scan the items listed under relevant subdivisions.
  • Look for cross references to a narrower or more focused main heading for your topic.
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