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Bibliographic records help you

  • identify the Who, What, When, and Where of a publication or other source of information
  • find new sources which may be relevant to your research project
  • track down incomplete references
  • identify additional relevant subject headings or keywords

Bibliographic records are

  • citations in an electronic format
  • formal descriptions of items of information
  • found in online library catalogs and electronic indexes
  • consist of a set of formally defined fields. Each field represents a specific element of the information that describes an item. These fields include:
    • author of book, article, or paper
    • title of book, article, or paper
    • publisher of books
    • source, journal, or conference title for articles and papers
    • publication year
    • physical description of books
    • abstract of articles or conference papers
    • subject headings
    • call number if the item is in an online catalog
  • searchable by field or as a whole