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About the Information Skills Modules

The Information Skills Modules (ISM) have been developed as an aid to teaching students lifelong information retrieval skills. The content has been designed to comply with the ACRL Information Literacy standards

Development of these modules was funded by grants from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's Center for Innovation in Learning .

ISM project

Margaret C. Merrill
University Libraries
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
P.O. Box 90001
Blacksburg, VA 24062-9001
phone: 540-231-9670

Project leader

  • Margaret C. Merrill

Content developers

  • Margaret C. Merrill
  • Maurya L Schweizer
  • Mary Jane Brewster
  • Margaret A. Estabrook

Instructional designers

  • Lewis Erskine
  • Maurya L. Schweizer
  • Patricia Bevan
  • Stacey Poertner

Advisory group

  • Bruce Pencek
  • Brenda Hendricks
  • David Beagle
  • Irene Glennon

Content collaborators, contributors, reviewers

  • Nicole Auer
  • Ellen M. Krupar
  • Delores McDowell
  • Bruce Pencek
  • Linda Wilson
  • Bruce Obenhaus
  • Michelle Young
  • Colleen Major
  • Caryl Gray
  • Ed Lener
  • Larry Thompson

Instructional support materials

  • Susan A. Ariew
  • Michelle Young

Graphic designers

  • Mary-Donnan Debranski
  • Patricia Bevan (v1)
  • Kimberley Ellis
  • Lauck Ward (v1)


  • Joseph Chin
  • Steven Huff
  • Lewis Erskine (v1)
  • Kimberley Ellis
  • Corby Hoback
  • Keiana Pottinger